Apply Humor in your business

to have deeper, more impactful relationships with your clients, your customers, and the team that you lead.

Every month, we take a deep dive into the specific facets of Applied Humor. 


To help you bring levity, joy, and a deep richness to the interactions with your clients, with your staff, and with your customers.

High Performance Humor Mastery ...

... is an on-going monthly program that includes:

* A specific reading / video watching assignment on a specific topic.  These are released around the 10th of the month.

* An on-line group discussion of the application of that topic to business settings, including sales, marketing, service delivery, and effective leadership.  The group interactions and connections are invaluable.

Examples of the topics
we have cover include:

* Maintaining Authenticity and Consistency in your Applied Humor

* Appropriate Humor during the Holidays

* Using Humor to help people deal with a crisis (COVID anyone?)

* Diffusing resistance and objections through 

* Heightening likability with appropriate humor

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Our High Performance Humor Mastery includes: 

  • Lifetime Access to High Performance Humor mastery interactive livecasts PLUS group coaching.
    Last Saturday of every month

  • 7 Competencies of High Performance Humor
  • 10 High Performance Humor Habits; and new tools, assessments and processes not available anywhere else!

  • Can’t make the livecast? No worries! You’ll have full access to the video replay, audio recordings, High Performance Humor worksheets, and any online resources mentioned in the livecast.

  • Monthly online group conversation and coaching 
    • After each month’s livecast, we’ll enjoy 30-minutes to multiple hours simply helping you and our community members with specific challenges, reviewing what was taught, answering questions and deep diving with solutions on what is showing up for you in all areas of your life, whether that’s in your business or your personal life.
    • It’s real time with ME, your favorite neurohumorist!
    • Support from your peeps. Your fellow community members have a wealth of experience to share with you, as well.
    • Based on your needs, we will have periodic special guests who are experts bringing you even MORE value.
    • Each Zoom roundtable discussion will be recorded and put in an online members area so you can continue to get mastery. If for some reason you’re not able to attend, you’ll be able to review everything at your convenience. 

  • Quarterly check-in calls. Schedule a 20 minute session with me one-on-one to discuss what's on your mind (work, relationships, what chocolate is best paired with a California red wine...whatever).

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  • Humor Quotient: A new and unique approach to assessing where you stand in terms of humor appreciation AND application, enabling you to hone in on specific areas where you can get more ROI for your LOL.

  • My “Nonsense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” webinar
    • It's no surprise that sense of humor is one of the top three traits people seek in a mate. And studies show that couples who share humor report stronger, deeper relationships. Learn how to harness humor and enhance the love in your life!  
    • Currently only available to High Performance Humor Community members

Your investment:

Organizations pay me over $20,000 to work on-site with their leaders and teams. One-on-one coaching is an option depending on my availability (reach out to see if that's a fit for you), yet this group coaching is tremendously cost-effective if that's not in your budget. (My CFO is not laughing at the low monthly fee of $147 I'm charging for this membership, so sign up now before he figures out how to get into my website to raise the price!)

You're investing in your health, your wealth and your happiness. What a relief! (And imagine the incredible ripple effect this will have on your family, your friends, your colleagues.) There's never been a time when you've needed this more—when our world has needed this more. It starts with YOU!

You may cancel anytime (but be gentle...I have abandonment issues). 

I look forward to seeing you at our next session!

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