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Stress is a Laughing Matter


We all know the old saying: “Laughter is the best medicine.”  

And it’s true! When you laugh, you’re: 

  • Relieving anxiety
  • Decreasing stress
  • Giving people a socially acceptable way to express their anger 

But many of you probably already know this. So, why is it important? Well, according to a study, laughter, and the stress reduction that comes out of it, can improve one’s memory and learning ability as we age! Crazy, right?! Allow me to save you some time and summarize this awesome finding:  

Chronic stress, manifested in the hormone cortisol, takes a toll on your brain over time, eating away at your learning and memory functions. When you laugh, you reduce cortisol levels, increasing your memory and recall functions, as well as your capacity to learn. 

All this to say, who couldn’t use more memory space in the hard drive that is your...

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Funny Means Money


Whether you’re a business under a lot of stress, or you’re just trying to add a little humor to your leadership style, I can help! 

Feeling the Pressure?  

If your organization is inundated with stress, then let’s nip it in the bud! Waiting until the eleventh hour to ask for help isn’t nearly as effective as acting on a situationbeforeit becomes dire. I can teach you how to leverage high-pressure situations in order to: 

  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Engagement
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Your Bottom Line

Adding to the Team? 

Mergers are tough. You have to help people from two different companies become comfortable in a new setting and learn how to work together. I have tips and strategies to make the transition easier for everyone!  

Are You an Effective Leader? 

Learning how to employ strategic humor in the workplace is an essential skill, and it has...

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Funny Comes in Many Forms: The Humor Constellation

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2019


Recently, I discussed the importance of implementing humor as a core value in your corporate culture (TL;DR: an organization that laughs together stays together). But before you can add a little funny business to your serious business, you have to understand how to see the funny to properly leverage it.

Humor has the ability to strengthen bonds and completely shift the mood of your environment. And the best part? Anybody can learn how to implement it! Just as I’ve developed my sense of humor over the years, so can you. With a little practice, your whole team can understand how to see the array of hilarity at their fingertips. In appreciating the many humor styles surrounding you, your organization can take the first step toward becoming a place of collaboration, productivity and, of course, joy!

So, what are these “many humor styles” of which I speak, and under which one do you fall? Let’s take a look!

The Many Faces of Humor

Maybe you...

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The 7 Building Blocks of High Performance Humor

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

Fun fact:

In January of this year, Southwest Airlines reported their 46th consecutive year of profitability. They also ranked #11 on Fortune’s 2019 list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

One of this company’s standout qualities is its dedication to a humorous corporate culture. Their flight crews are encouraged to be funny, and the numbers don’t lie - that sense of humor is paying off!

No, this post isn’t sponsored by Southwest Airlines! They’re just an excellent example of how a company that values a good laugh achieves success. This is High Performance Humor at work (literally!).

High Performance Humor: Let’s Break It Down

High Performance Humor (HPH) is the strategic use of humor in a professional setting in order to achieve a more successful work environment.

Every organization can benefit from incorporating HPH into their workplace; however, before you can give HPH a seat in the boardroom, you have to understand how to properly...

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Why Karyn Buxman?

speaking Sep 10, 2019

Whether you’re a business under a lot of stress, or you’re just trying to add a little humor to your leadership style, I can help!

Feeling the Pressure?

Sometimes an organization will wait too lo

If your organization is inundated with stress, then let’s nip it in the bud! Waiting until the eleventh hour to ask for help isn’t nearly as effective as acting on a situation before it becomes dire. I can teach you how to leverage high-pressure situations in order to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Engagement
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Your Bottom Line

Adding to the Team?

Mergers are tough. You have to help people from two different companies become comfortable in a new setting and learn how to work together. I have tips and strategies to make the transition easier for everyone!

Are You an Effective Leader?

Learning how to employ strategic humor in the workplace is an essential skill, and it has a positive domino effect on organizations and the...

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Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture: It All Starts with a Sense of Humor

Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture

These are two buzzwords that have been trending over the past few years. But there’s a reason they’re trending – these circumstances can make or break an organization!

I’ve worked with a lot of executives and high performers who have been passionate about improving employee engagement and their corporate culture, and it’s incredible that leaders are recognizing the impact these two factors have on today’s workplace.

But let’s back up for a moment. Why are employee engagement and corporate culture so important?

New Workforce

A recent study reports that 35% of working Americans are aged 21 to 36 (Pew Research and MarketWatch). That’s a huge percentage. The workforce is getting younger, and in addition to this, people are moving in and out of organizations with increasing speed. Your organization needs to put effort into attracting and retaining this large new talent pool.


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"My Story" - Karyn Buxman

my story Aug 27, 2019

Growing Up

My story begins with being a nurse. Growing up, I always wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mom and dad.  Both were medical professionals. I felt that helping other people was my calling – so you could say that nursing was always in the cards for me.

Within nursing, I’ve worked in the OR, ER, home health, hospice, and much more! (I know what you’re  thinking…”She couldn’t hold a job?”). It wasn’t that I felt more at home in one area than another; it was actually quite the opposite - each job was a great fit for me! I attributed this to one particular constant in my life: I LOVED learning. After mastering one skill, I was on to the next learning opportunity. This passion for knowledge eventually led me back to school to earn my master’s degree, where I discovered my true calling.

My Passion

I was knee-deep in research when I stumbled upon a small paragraph in a journal. It was about a nurse...

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Resilience and Stress Management

stress management Jul 25, 2019

Stress is a HUGE problem in America.

A recent Gallup study revealed 8 in 10 Americans are afflicted by stress! So how can Americans begin to reverse this trend and reduce their stress levels? An easy way to start is with humor!

You might be thinking…

Stress relief from laughter? Really, Karyn?

It’s no joke!

Now, a good laugh isn’t going to cure all ailments, but it certainly helps most! Here are some of the short and long-term benefits of laughter (Mayo Clinic):


  • Stimulates many organs (heart, lungs, muscles) – laughter increases your intake of oxygen-rich air, which stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles!
  • Activates and relieves your stress response – laughter cools down your stress response, giving you a nice, relaxed feeling
  • Soothes tension – laughter can stimulate circulation and reduce some of the physical stress symptoms (tight shoulders/neck, jaw, back, and chest)

Laughter can also provide some benefits over time. Check out...

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Finding Humor

humor Jul 18, 2019

There’s a little part of your brain called the reticular activating system (ARAS) which acts as a filter for finding funny!

When you make finding humor intentional, your brain will start showing you things you’ve found amusing in the past.

It’s kind of like the internet!

Have you ever been shopping for something on the internet? Let’s say some shoes.

You do your research and think about buying them. Then decide, well…I really don’t have the cash flow right now; I think I’ll hold off.

Then you close the page and go to one of your favorite news websites…

BOOM! There’s an ad with those shoes staring right at you!

That’s kind of what the reticular activating system is doing for your brain. Oh, you found something funny over here, well check this out!

The key is to be intentional!

If you set your intention on seeing more humor, your reticular activating system will show it to you more often!

Pretty cool if you ask me!

If you...

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How to Make People Laugh

comedy laughter leadership Jul 11, 2019

So, you want to make people laugh, huh? That’s easy! Okay, maybe not. But don’t worry! I’m here to help. Let’s dive into some scenarios and I’ll give you some things to keep in mind before your meeting, performance, company party, or whatever you’ve got going on! 

There are a lot of steps to leveraging other people’s laughter. So, let’s break it down. 

What’s the setting?

  • Are you in a meeting?
  • Are you performing?
  • Are you at work?
  • Are you at a company party?

The setting matters! Things that are allowed to be said during a performance versus a business meeting are COMPLETELY different.

Be sure to keep in mind: 

  1. Where you are
  2. Who you’re with

Before letting all of your family holiday party jokes fly, consider your audience. If you have to think about whether or not something is appropriate—play it safe and leave it out. You’re a creative person! Find a better alternative.

Details, Details,...

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