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Catching up with Karyn

If Humor Were YOUR Superpower!

I ran across a story on Reddit about a young boy at a grocery store running around making superhero moves with a fierce expression, and making quite the spectacle of himself.

A woman leans over and says to him, “Hello, young man! What’s your name?”

In a little kid’s version of a growly voice, he says, “I’m Batman.”

The lady laughs and says, “I mean what’s your real name?”

Again: “I’m BATMAN!”

“No, what’s your actual real name?”

Long pause…

“Bruce Wayne.”

Whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a four-year-old wearing a Batman shirt!

PS: What if humor was YOUR superpower? Humor has the power to change the world. I'd love to visit with you about what that could look like for your and your organization.

Pick up the Batphone and call me!

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Why Did the Emotional Support Chicken Cross the Road?

Flying can be stressful any time of the year, but the holiday season can be especially nerve-wracking: Fretful flights. Cranky crews. Pissy passengers. Instead of instructing people to buckle their seatbelt, flight attendants might be better served to have people fasten their straight jackets! If only there was a way to deal with the strain…

But wait—Popeyes Chicken comes to the rescue! Many passengers traveling through the Philadelphia International Airport during Christmas week 2018 skipped the Philly Cheesesteaks and grabbed a to-go box that also served as an Emotional Support Chicken. Yes, I said, “Emotional. Support. Chicken.”

These chickens don’t bite, they’re TSA-friendly, and they’re “cheap” comfort food. (Sorry, I just can’t resist a good chicken pun.)

Popeyes Chicken thought this emotional support animal wouldn’t ruffle any feathers…but they were wrong. PETA and its supporters squawked that this...

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