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Gratitexts: 30 Seconds to Greater Gratitude and Happiness

My alarm clock didn’t go off. No hot water in the shower. I’d run out of coffee (gasp!). And to top it all off… my “fat pants” were feeling a bit snug—aaaaaauuuuggghhhhhh! This was shaping up to be a miserable morning, and my 12-hour shift hadn’t even begun!

I heard my phone chime and my heart skipped a beat. Had I gotten my times mixed up—was I late for work? I snatched my phone off the table and saw the text:

“I just wanted you remind you how amazing you are and how grateful I am that you’re in my life.”

My eyes got teary and my heart swelled. My sister, also a busy healthcare professional and three time zones away, had taken 30 seconds out of her busy schedule to share her gratitude. It changed the course of my entire day and reshaped my life.

Studies have shown that one way of increasing your happiness setpoint is to practice being grateful. Studies vary slightly in their findings, but in a nutshell, writing down three things daily will raise your level of happiness more than writing down a list of items you're grateful for weekly. Sharing your gratitude or appreciation with another person boosts your happiness level even more!

And get this—in one study, people who focused on gratitude rather than hassles felt more optimistic about their future, felt better about their lives, and even did an average of 1.5 more hours of exercise a week. (Note to self: I can be happier and shed the fat pants!)

 In this fast-paced, high-tech world, it may seem unrealistic to try to squeeze in one more task on your to-do list (especially during the holidays). Instead of switching from high-tech to high-touch, you can be high-tech AND high-touch!

What person has made a difference in your life who needs to hear from you? Take 30 seconds to pull out your phone and let someone know how much you appreciate them and WHY. More often than not, their response is, “How did you know I needed this?”

Being happier has lots of benefits that go beyond just feeling better. You can be healthier, more creative, more productive, and people may find you sexier and more attractive (no joke)! Wow! That’s a lot to be grateful for, right there!

About the author: Karyn Buxman—speaker, Habit Finder coach, and neurohumorist—is grateful for coffee and the people in her life. Her mission is to transform lives through the power of thought and the spirit of humor.

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