Laugh at yourself! (Day 12)

The ability to laugh at yourself reveals to others several important traits about you.

First, it shows you have a sense of humor—a desirable trait.

Next, when you practice self-effacing humor, you’re demonstrating your vulnerability. Those experiencing your humor see your openness in a way that makes you more approachable.

And when you poke fun at yourself, you're demonstrating poise and self-assurance. Being able to laugh at yourself takes a strong level of self-confidence.

So today’s challenge: Laugh at yourself.

Forgot your computer password? Left your zipper in the down position? Locked your keys in the car—again? Lighten up. Show others that you recognize that you aren’t perfect, that you’re capable of making mistakes, and that you can reframe and see imperfections through the lens of humor.

Numerous members of my family—including me—deal with Attention Deficit Disorder. We may have this disorder, but it doesn’t have us! We play with our pain and joke about the derailments, the loss of productivity, and the accompanying frustrations.

If you’ve ever seen the movie UP! then you’ve seen the poster child, er… dog, for our cause. You know that Dug (the dog) has been derailed when he shouts, “Squirrel!” (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to see a clip.) So my office is decorated with various stuffed squirrels, we have squirrel Christmas tree ornaments, and the phrase “squirrel” has taken on a different—and funny—meaning among family and friends. One of my favorite jokes:

How many kids with ADD does it take to change a light bulb?

Let’s go ride our bikes!

My kidding about ADD gives me a sense of empowerment, and that gets communicated to others through shared humor.

Again, today’s challenge, laugh at yourself. Show others that you can take yourself lightly. Empower yourself and strengthen your relationships.

That’s it for today. Congratulations on your commitment to creating a healthier, happier you! I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for the next challenge. I’m Karyn Buxman reminding you to create a humor habit and reap the benefits. Humor is power!

Neurohumorist Karyn Buxman’s mission in life is to enhance global business, improve global health, and achieve global peace through strategic humor. 


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