9 Days Until Christmas: Do You Really Have To Decorate the Doghouse?

humor is power Dec 15, 2013

The holiday police will not arrest you for not having all your decorations up. Remember less can be more. If you spend less time putting decorations up you’ll have more time to sit back and enjoy.

I know, I know. This goes counter to all of the conventional wisdom you've heard. We're supposed to Decorate All The Things. There are even TV shows now like The Great Christmas Light Fight, where families compete to see who can create the brightest decorations - and the biggest light bill!

But I'm here to suggest to you that maybe what we need this holiday season is not more fighting - even good natured fights! - but less. Let someone else have the victory. You can opt out, conserving your energy and focusing on those things that you find more meaningful.

Besides, think about it this way: the fewer decorations you put up, the fewer you have to take down after the holidays. Pick your very, very favorites and display them. You'll find you get all of the joy -and a lot less holiday stress!


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