The Humor Quotient - Part 2

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

Welcome back! Can I safely assume, since you are excellent humor scholars, that you’ve taken the humor quotient test that I talked about in last week’s video? If you haven’t, go back to last week’s post, then come back and join us!

If you have taken the humor quotient test, excellent! Now, you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do with the numbers that you got back. This is where some high school math comes in (I know, it’s been a while). What we’re going to do is graph those numbers, and then you’ll be able to see where you lie in terms of appreciating and applying your humor.

If you find yourself in the bottom left quadrant, you might believe that humor isn’t a crucial part of improving both your professional and personal life! Now, if this is where you landed on the grid, don’t be discouraged—there is always room for improvement no matter where you are on the graph! That’s right. Even if you’re numbers put you in the top right quadrant, you can still improve. Humor is like karate (or being a ninja). No matter how good you are, you can always get better.

I’ve been saying it for years (and I’ve even written a few books about it—wink, wink): Humor improves your personal and professional life. It helps you heal, connect and empower. So, take your humor quotient results and let me help you work on your intentional humor and to recognize the desired outcome of your humor. It would be my honor to teach you how to use humor by choice, not just by chance.  

Karyn Buxman is a TEDx speaker, ForbesBooks author, and neurohumorist (she lives at the intersection of humor and the brain.) A pioneer in the emerging science of applied humor, Karyn helps high performers expand their influence, strengthen their relationships, and boost their resilience. From the Mayo Clinic to the Million Dollar Round Table, organizations around the world hire Karyn to educate, inspire, and entertain their audiences again and again. She’s one of 194 people (and only 43 women) in the world to be inducted into the National Speakers Association's Speaker Hall of Fame. Her latest book, Funny Means Money will be published by Forbes in 2019. Karyn is serious about humor!


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