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When I’m speaking to nursing and healthcare professionals, certain issues are always top of mind for my audience. At a macro level, their major concerns revolve around the state of flux in healthcare today.

On a day-to-day level, their concerns turn toward stress related to

  • High workloads (too much to do, not enough time to do it)
  • Poor communication (I know you think you understand what you thought I said…)
  • The competitiveness of the job market (recruitment/retention)

But I can help!

I come in and talk to leaders in organizations or staff about how to take better care of themselves, so that they, in turn, can take better care of others.

The two main ideas of this talk are

1. Stress management/self-care

2. Wellness

You don’t want someone taking care of you or a loved one who’s stressed out, sick or tired.


If the answer isn’t obvious enough, studies ( have shown that people who are stressed tend to:

  • make more mistakes
  • give the wrong drugs
  • give the wrong treatments
  • cause accidents

Any of those could have devastating consequences for the patient, their family, their caregiver, and the organization. Good news: these issues can all be avoided—we have the ability to do something about it!

The bottom line: We want a healthy and happy workforce. If we have that happy and healthy workforce, everyone wins!

Karyn and Healthcare

I have a special bond with my nursing and healthcare audience. I’ve lived around healthcare my whole life! I grew up in a healthcare family. My father, a physician and my mother, an anesthetist (the person who you pay hundreds of dollars to put you to sleep and THOUSANDS of dollars to wake you back up!) taught me so many valuable lessons about the life of a healthcare provider.

Having grown up in that environment and becoming a nurse, I understand the language, the challenges, frustrations, and I understand what’s FUNNY!

Healthcare has a special place in my heart. I love sharing my knowledge with an audience of people who are passionate about helping others.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk!

Connect with Me:

YouTube: Karyn Buxman
Twitter: @KarynBuxman
Facebook: Karyn Buxman Speaks
LinkedIn: Karyn Buxman

Karyn Buxman is a TEDx speaker, author, and neurohumorist (she lives at the intersection of humor and the brain.) A pioneer in the emerging science of applied humor, Karyn helps high performers expand their influence, strengthen their relationships, and boost their resilience. From the Mayo Clinic to the Million Dollar Round Table, organizations around the world hire Karyn to educate, inspire, and entertain their audiences again and again. She’s one of 194 people (and only 43 women) in the world to be inducted into the National Speakers Association's Speaker Hall of Fame. Her latest book, Funny Means Money will be published by ForbesBooks in 2019. Karyn is serious about humor!


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