Create a Fun List (Humor Challenge Day 6)

Do you ever hit a point in your day where your energy lags, your shoulders tighten, and you wouldn’t recognize a good idea if it jumped up and bit you? Time to push back from your desk and have a little fun. Can’t think of something fun to do?

Today’s challenge: Create a fun list!

Make a list of at least 10 things you like to do (20 is even better!). Disclaimer: Make sure that at least half your activities cost you $5 bucks or less to do.

The rationale? Often when you’re most in need of fun is when you’ll list be able think of something fun to do. And sometimes the reason we’re feeling crabby or crappy is because cash flow is a problem—and you don’t want that to get in the way of experiencing some amusement.

I could give you a long list of things that I think are fun. But they may not be fun to you. Humor and fun are individual tastes. A participant in one of my programs listed skydiving at the top of his list. My mom was a pilot. She taught me never to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! But things on my list include watching Big Bang Theory, playing a quick game of solitaire on my smart phone, people watching on the boardwalk next to the ocean, phoning a humor buddy, watching laughing baby videos on YouTube, listening to Cabin Pressure on iTunes, reading David Sedaris, watching one of my *favorite funny movies like In & Out  or Steel Magnolias… And the list goes on.

Think about what should go on YOUR list and write it down. Keep your list handy and refer to it daily. (And keep adding to your list as you think of additional fun things to do.) You may not feel like doing cartwheels down the sidewalk, but you will feel better than you did before doing your fun activity—I promise!

That’s it. Congratulations on committing to enhancing your sense of humor. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for the next challenge. I’m Karyn Buxman reminding you to create a humor habit and reap the benefits. Humor is power!

Neurohumorist Karyn Buxman’s mission in life is to enhance global business, improve global health, and achieve global peace through strategic humor.


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