Our Amazing Brains: Packed with the Power to Transform Our Lives

One of the greatest gifts any of us has ever been given resides within our skulls. Throughout history, the brain has been very mysterious and poorly understood. We've known that the brain is very important, but the direct connection brain health has on our everyday happiness hasn't been very clear.

Dr. Daniel Amen has been doing ground breaking work, tying together the latest neurological research with the challenges we all face in living our best possible lives. His work is a game changer. From him, we can learn that when we say we have problems with ADD, addiction, depression, our marriage, or even our weight, there's really something going on inside our brains.

Vibrantly You: Improving Your Brain Health Improves Your Life

As a nurse, I know how critical diagnosing the true cause of any health concern is. What's even more exciting is using that knowledge to create healing and better health. That's why I'm very excited about Dr. Amen's Brain Fit Life program.

We have the power to improve our brain health. Improve our brain health improves our life.

Once upon a time, physical exercise & fitness was thought to be a bizarre fad. Now that we've seen how exercise, a healthy diet, and fitness improves lives, these concepts have become mainstream essentials. Brain health is going to follow the same trajectory. Learning the simple steps you can take to improve brain health and reduce the impact of the conditions that are dragging you down is a life-changing experience. Best of all, it's never too late to improve your brain health. You can start creating your better tomorrow today!

That's why I'm thrilled that Dr. Daniel Amen is presenting his life changing insights on the Vibrantly You stage. This Women's Wellness Symposium is specially designed for any woman who wants 2014 to be the first of many great years full of joy and happiness. We have the ability to create great lives for ourselves. Dr. Amen is sharing a vital first step. You can register here.


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