What’s So Funny About Business?

You might not have an immediate answer for that question.  Business is hard work. Owning and operating a business can consume your life.  Working for somebody else – whether that’s in operations, marketing, hr, or the dreaded accounting division – isn’t necessarily a piece of cake, either.  We devote tremendous amounts of time, energy, and resources into our work, because so much depends on being successful.

Surely this is no laughing matter.

Actually, laughing is the best thing you can be doing.  We’d even argue that you have to laugh, if you want to succeed. Don’t believe us? Just ask the people at Southwest.  Their uniquely humorous approach has earned them significant goodwill and provided them with a valuable differentiator in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

You see, it turns out that the strategic use of humor is one of the single most important tools businesses have at their disposal.  The ability to use humor:

  • effectively attracts more customers to your brand, increasing market share and profitability
  • augments and enhances every marketing strategy
  • makes your company appear more ‘human’ and approachable – vital in a world driven by social media
  • helps ensure superior customer service, from effective customer engagement to resolving complaints quickly
  • makes it easier to attract and retain valuable employees
  • creates a positive workplace environment

And there’s more!


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