What’s So Funny About Diabetes: Is SPAM Part of Your Healthy Diet?

If you’re interested in using humor to more effectively manage your diabetes, it’s good to know that you’ll find things to laugh at all around you. We live in a funny, funny world!

Some people don’t believe me when I say that. They come up to me after performances and tell me that nothing humorous ever happens when they’re in the vicinity. There are no funny headlines in their newspaper. They don’t see any funny billboards during their commute. Their world, they assure me, is totally devoid of humor.

That’s when I tell them the secret of a truly healthy diet: SPAM.

No, not that SPAM. I’ll be talking about everybody’s favorite processed pork shoulder product and the role it plays in a healthy diet in a future volume of the What’s So Funny About book series, probably in “What’s So Funny About Being a Nutritionist?”.

Today I want to talk about the other kind of SPAM. If you get e-mail, use Facebook, Twitter, or any social media, or have any behinds-the-scenes access to a website or blog, you’ve got SPAM. In quantity. We all do. I just checked my email, and there are 470  SPAM messages in there, just waiting to be deleted.

My email settings dictate that the SPAM folder empties every morning. Times are tough in America right now, but we’re not in a SPAM shortage!

Most of us delete SPAM automatically, without any thought.  But if you find yourself in a place where you need a laugh, take a moment and sneak a peek into your SPAM folder.  You’ll find there the funny, the weird, the strange-but-almost poetic offerings of Superior Investment Opportunities and Purloined Revolutionary Funds.

Here’s the first one I read this morning. Spelling is original, but I’ve highlighted my favorite parts:

waxing is the work on the devil, as is sugaring i cant undtasernd what makes smart women want to coverthemselves in hot adhesive then tear it off possibly mutilating themselves in the process just for a hairless who-ha and legs. the long and short of it is hair removeal is a terrible practice, probably made up by men (hence the recent revenge by women inventing the back sac and crack wax HAHAHAHAHAHAAH)I too am naive in the ways of waxing, i generally shave or use immac or just keep on wearing tights (pantihose)or trousers until i cant stand the heat any more and have to defuzz, then you are left with hairless milk bottle white appengages that you are too embarrassed to show off anyway, until you decide to apply fake tan ..big mistake, unless you pay to get it done properly, or are an expert in beauty therapy, with extreme patience and the nouse to wash you hand afterwards you end up looking like someone has liberally sprayed your legs with cold tea, like you have been wading in paint, espedcially the knees and the palms of your hands.the way i see it beauty schmeuty, im ok and you’ll either like it or not. still it is summer and i ought to do my annual pamper ..p s thanks for the laugh

I’ve made it my goal to work those four phrases into my working vocabulary for the next week or so: they’re sure to liven up any conversation! This type of SPAM has a pivotal role in your Healthy Humor Diet!

Some people really get into SPAM appreciation. Check out these Unintentionally Hilarious SPAM Subject Lines or the SPAM Diary when you need a laugh!


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