What's So Funny About Invisible Disabilities?

On Thursday, September 27, I'll be proudly participating in the Invisible Disabilities Association and Allsup's Live Chat with the Experts. Join us to learn how humor can make life with a chronic illness or invisible disability a little easier and a whole lot more fun.

Humor and Healing: What The Science Tells Us

Psychoneuroimmunologists are doing amazing research on the ways our bodies and minds interact with each other, and the role our emotional state has on the way we feel.  This is critical information to have if you're dealing with a condition that causes chronic pain and elevates your stress levels. Both chronic pain and high stress levels can contribute in a negative way to high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose levels, and other conditions that can complicate an already challenging health situation.

Humor is an all-natural, safe, proven, and effective way to lower stress levels and reduce the impact of chronic pain upon the body. During the chat, we'll be talking about the biomechanics of how that works, as well as sharing some practical, easy ways you can start enjoying the healing benefits of humor.

It's More Important To SEE Funny Than To BE Funny

In my role as a humor researcher, nurse, and professional speaker, I can tell you that many people who live with illness or disability on an every day basis try to laugh as often as possible. The healing power of humor may only just now be being recognized by the medical field, but folk wisdom  has long held that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.

That doesn't mean you need to start training to be a stand-up comic! The health benefits of humor are yours to enjoy if you're initiating the humor - or just appreciating it! Building the Humor Habit means taking steps to create an environment where you're more likely to encounter funny things on a regular basis. Something as simple as signing up for a Joke of the Day e-mail or joining a funny Facebook group can make it easy to enjoy laughter on even difficult, low-energy days.

Tune in to learn more. Sharing the stories and experiences of life with chronic illness and invisible disabilities helps build connections between individuals and counter the feelings of isolation that can be very overwhelming.  You can register for the event here.


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